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Choosing a colour – a job that sounds simple and normal, but it plays a significant role in deciding the perfect men's suit. Let's learn about men's vest colours and fabrics with Mon Amie to suit you.
For men, the vest is always an indispensable item today. The ghost vest gives us the youthful and luxurious that we always need. That's why almost everyone has a suit in their closet, but when the suit no longer fits, or you need an urgent suit to attend an important event instead of looking for new items. Ready-made suits will make you unhappy, so come to Mon Amie with a men's vest tailoring service that will satisfy customers.
When you require an outfit that gives you elegance and courtesy, visitors are always loved and famous today. But when you need clarification when choosing a high-end men's vest tailor that meets the requirements of style and high-quality fabric to meet your set criteria, you should try it once. Come to Mon Amie. We will advise you to make the most suitable choices for you.
Besides those who, due to the nature of their work, must wear suits, such as businessmen, celebrities, office workers, etc., even guys who love jeans and sneakers for everyday style need at least have at least. A high-class suit in her wardrobe. Because a vest is the standard outfit used on important occasions. The best men's suits should not be cheap. They must be the most invested, valuable items, and you will be surprised at their durability and charm. That's why genuine men's suits are always an item that needs to be taken care of. And if you want your investment not to become meaningless, you should pay attention to the following essential maintenance tips:
As an office guy who loves a polite and mature style, you love to wear men's vests. However, you are afraid of getting old before your time. What is the solution here?
Today the vest market is very developed and used by many people. The vest is considered an indispensable accessory for men. In Ho Chi Minh City, with many shops selling men's vests with many different designs and fabrics, men are very anxious to buy themselves a high-class suit, but it takes work to choose a place. Mentioning the fashion brands of vests, Mon Amie, which specializes in tailoring and designing vests, will help you select and buy high-end men's vests with top prestige quality in Ho Chi Minh City.
You may need to learn how complicated the fashion of suits is when they always contain implicit rules in a dress. You will make yourself look silly if you appear in the crowd making one of these basic mistakes.
Sometimes you may wonder why a quality suit costs time and money. Although this is a problem that makes many people uncomfortable, you would have a different view if you knew that a suit has to go through many stages to be complete.
Everyone knows that Italy is a leading pioneer in fashion, especially in elegant men's suits. But do you know how Italian suits/suits are different from European styles like Britain and America? Let's find out with Mon Amie.
Actor Dinh Khang is a young actor. Recently, I trusted Mon Amie's suit to attend the movie premiere of The Flash.
Veston Hoang Vy Mon Amie Company has grown from Hoang Vy Mon Amie Tailor since 1991 in Ho Chi Minh City. With a long tradition of sewing, the company's director is from the ancient capital of Hue, being taught sewing tools and serving the kings of the past. Through many years of study, with over 28 years of experience in sewing and the secrets left by grandparents in the past. We are proud and completely confident about the quality of our products and the beauty of high-end fashion Veston costumes according to the following criteria: Tailor-made, well-dressed.
Enterprises and agencies often focus on choosing uniforms for employees and lecturers. Selecting an outfit that both shows professionalism and enhances the beauty of each person is very important—understanding that Mon Amie is very successful in becoming a reliable partner providing costumes and uniforms for units and businesses.A suit uniform is an exceptional type of outfit. Looking at the suits, we will see professionalism, class and elegance. After many years of changing with society, the suit's influence has always remained strong. The appearance of suit uniforms in office and school environments has implicitly confirmed that.
Wonbin shines with Mon Amie's gentleman's outfit, attracting all eyes from international audiences and quality experts.

At Mon Amie, besides Suit for Businessman, which has become familiar to many customers, now the Women's Suit tailoring service also asserts its position, women's Suit has become the first choice of customers. Successful female businesswoman.
There are many ways to choose a wedding suit for your big day. Coordinating a suit that matches the skin tone will help enhance the beauty of the body and help the groom be more confident when standing next to the bride on the wedding day. A 3-piece suit is indispensable for occasions that need luxury, especially weddings. At that time, the groom will have up to 3 ways to coordinate outfits to make his style more diverse:
Doubled - Breasted is an impressive vest style because it has a prominent feature in the front button. This highlight is that this outfit is often used on special occasions such as weddings, events, and parties. Luxury is important.
As you can see, a business suit is a formal outfit worn daily. Often seen in the office or professional work settings, it traditionally consists of double-breasted jackets, business belts and dark fabrics. It is usually paired with a crisp neutral-tone shirt and a subtle men's tie.
This is one of a series of Mon Amie articles about Suit-related knowledge; there will be people who already know the small details of a Suit, but there are also people who are just starting. Love for Suits, that's why Mon Amie created a series of Suit knowledge articles for you. And today's topic is what you need to know about vest lapels.
Vercelli - a high-class garment brand from the cradle of world fashion - Italy. No stranger to leading designers, Vercelli receives absolute trust in quality. We are trusted to sew high-class suits. Because Vercelli's fabrics are created by the hands of the most skilled and experienced craftsmen, along with that is the strict technical process. The quality is rigorously tested.
Mon Amie is proud to be a capable tailor when ready to meet all customer requests, from basic to the style that needs to be designed; Mon Amie is dedicated to serving. Because of this spirit, many entertainers love Mon Amie; below are the images that Mon Amie is honoured to serve and accompany the artists in beautiful suits to make their work more attractive. More smoothly and more loved by the audience.